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Welcome to cm_exchange, the Criminal Minds Fic & Art exchange! The 2010 exchange is our third annual exchange, and we're very excited!

This is community will feature exchange art and fics ranging from FRC to FRAO. Fics and/or art may also feature relationships of a slashy nature (male/male, female/female).


1. All writers and artists shall remain secret until after the exchange is over.
2. All fics must be beta read and least 1000 words in length. We will make a post for people to offer beta services in.
3. All fic and art should be e-mailed to the community mods at cm.exchanges@gmail.com for posting.
4. All submitted fics/artwork should include the following headers:

Word Count (if applicable):

5. Please friend/watch the community in order to keep up with updates!
6. The mods will provide hosting for any art gifts in cm_exchange.

Schedule of Events

1. Sign-ups will run from Sunday, August 15th through Sunday, August 29th. -- Sign-ups are closed!

2. Assignments will go out Saturday, September 4th. -- Assignments have been emailed!

3. Deadline to have your fic/art turned in is Saturday, November 13th.

4. Posting will commence on Tuesday, December 1st, 2009.

Please contact the mods with extension requests by November 10th at the latest. This will enable us to find a backup writer or artist for your recipient.

If you have not contacted the mods with your gift or a request for an extension by the assigned due date, your request will be given to someone else!

The Mods
innerslytherin, severity_softly, and resolucidity


Criminal Minds and its characters, etc., belong to CBS, Touchstone, Paramount, and/or any other persons associated with the show, not to us. We’re here for fun, not for monetary profit.

Header image and icons by innerslytherin and severity_softly. Do not take for personal use.